Northland Honeybee Veterinary Services is a practice devoted to providing exceptional veterinary care to apiaries of all types and interest levels from small hobby beekeepers to large commercial operations. With increased threats from habitat loss, pesticide use and disease and infestation pressure, it’s important to have apiaries evaluated and managed for optimal outcome. That’s where Northland Honeybee comes in and can assist you with all of your hive management and treatment options. Thanks for checking out the website and be sure to call for spring appointments about varroa mite evaluation, foul brood treatment and keeping your bees healthy.

Dr. Reinicke also enjoys doing informative honey bee health presentations to bee clubs and associations. If your club is interested in having a speaker, please contact us!!


Even though it’s still August, it’s time to be thinking about your winter bees. Now is the most important time of year to do mite checks and make sure that counts are low. Treatments are needed if counts are over 9/300 bees or 3/100 bees. If needed get those done, as the bees hatching will be those overwintering in your colonies and they need to be as strong as possible to make it through the winter. If you have honey supers on, make sure you’re choosing an appropriate mite treatment that can be used while supers are on. Read and follow directions for all mite treatments as stated on the label.

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We try to make veterinary medicine accessible to all beekeepers and work on a sliding scale if needed. Please call ahead for pricing.


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