Northland Apiary

Welcome to the apiary page! Northland apiary started in 2017 as a project to learn more about honey bee veterinary medicine. From 2 colonies, its grown into about 25 colonies. 2020 is the first year colonies were tested for hygienic behavior and selected for queen breeding stock. We had a successful queen rearing season, making about 25 nucs that were either sold or overwintered. All of our bees overwinter in Minnesota, so we select for overwintering ability, honey/colony production, hygienic behavior and disease resistance.

We also sell our locally made, raw honey. It’s such a treat to be able to sample honey from different yards and compare it for floral flavor, sweetness and color. Bees are truly amazing little critters.

We offer a limited amount of honey for sale. Either pick up in Northfield, or shipping available. Please send us an email or call for orders. Yards: There are 3 different yards we harvested from and they all have distinct honey flavors.

Home Yard: Mild, sweet. Goes well on toast or by the spoonful.

N+N Yard: Floral, rich. Goes well on pancakes and in baking.

Rosa Yard: Complex, robust. Goes well in tea and on yogurt.

Payment via cash, check or Venmo.

Honey jar 2 edit Christmas Honey 

We are also selling limited numbers of nucleus colonies this spring, as supplies last. If beekeeping has always been your dream and you’d like to give it a try from your own backyard, get on our list for spring 2021 nucs!

Dark blue queen Queen cells

For more information please contact us below.